Terms and conditions

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Data privacy statement

Thank you for your interest in our webpage and company. Despite the careful inspection of the websites and the external links, no liability can be accepted for the correctness and completeness of the information provided. Your data is protected by the context of the law and below you will find more information on how this data is used.

Cookies and personal data

Our website uses cookies which record visitor movements, by using our site you have agreed to these terms. Additionally, all personal information that you enter will be saved on our secure internal systems.

Use of personal data

Any personal data entered is used only to answer your queries and will only be passed to third parties for administration purposes or to complete necessary orders, payments or enquiries. It is necessary that you agree to these terms but you can also delete your Nextbike user account at any time. Deletion of your personal data will occur when you delete your user account.

Saved Data

We will provide you with your saved personal data upon your written request.

Security advice

We are keen to protect your personal data and wish to point out that email is not always a secure form of communication. For important information including payments and credit card details we suggest a recorded postal service or a visit to our office.

City maps

On our web pages we use Google Maps and for the location of Nextbike station terminals we are using Openstreetmap service. In that respect we follow the terms and conditions set by the Privacy Policy of Google and the Privacy Policy of Openstreetmap.

Payment of our services

For data processing we use WorldPay payment services for recurring payments via credit cards. In that respect we follow the Privacy Policy of WorldPay.

Privacy Policy of WorldPay.