nextbikes collaboration with Canicross

We are happy to announce nextbike’s collaboration with Canicross at Platres to bring bikejoring to Cyprus. Bikejoring is a sport where one dog or team of dogs runs in front of the bike, pulling. In Canicross you will find the necessary equipment for bikejoring and the staff will provide you with all the information to have a pleasant day with your dog. Go ahead, try it and you will not regret it.


75 years KEAN

KEAN celebrates 75 years of successful journey, and we are thrilled to participate in the celebrations of this leading juice production company in Cyprus! The collaboration between Nextbike and KEAN is a unique initiative that combines healthy nutrition, active mobility, and a festive atmosphere. Enjoy your cycling with a refreshing KEAN juice!


Enjoy a fresh juice on JuiceBox

nextbike and JuiceBox, a leading fresh juice production shop in Limassol, are joining forces to promote health and freshness on the city streets through an impressive advertising campaign on nextbike bikes. The partnership between nextbike and JuiceBox is a refreshing initiative that combines healthy way of life with active and sustainable mobility. Enjoy cycling with a fresh juice from JuiceBox!


BEONIX collaboration with nextbike

"Have you already seen the BEONIX bikes all over Cyprus? This year, BEONIX is proud to introduce a new initiative aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing traffic congestion. Branded BEONIX bikes will be available across Cyprus, encouraging festival-goers to opt for cycling as their mode of transportation. This initiative not only helps reduce carbon emissions but also allows attendees to avoid the hassle of road traffic, ensuring a more enjoyable and environmentally friendly festival exp...


Partnership with FxCareer.eu

nextbike by TIER Cyprus is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with FxCareer.eu! This partnership signifies an exciting venture for both parties, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities it will unlock. Where expertise meets innovation, FxCareer.eu is committed to transforming talent acquisition exclusively within the forex and fintech market.


Korantina Homes

nextbike by TIER Cyprus is thrilled to announce the commencement of collaboration with Korantina Homes. With over 30 years of establishing a strong regional presence and deep-rooted local knowledge, Korantina Homes has consistently demonstrated excellence in the realm of real estate. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and community enhancement perfectly aligns with nextbike's vision of creating sustainable and accessible urban transportation solutions.


1st Action of Ride to Green campaign

On Saturday, March 9, 2024, a cycling event took place, marking the first action in a series of events for the Ride to Green campaign. It commenced at the Old Port of Limassol and signified the beginning of our endeavor to green Cyprus. Participants, cyclists of all ages and genders, gathered at the port with the aim of highlighting the importance of sustainable mobility and the green transition. Along the route, cyclists enthusiastically promoted the message of environmental protection and the ...


Ride to Green

We are pleased to inform you that as of March 1st, 2024, the Ride to Green campaign has been launched, aiming to promote cycling culture, inform, and raise awareness to the public about eco-friendly transportation. nextbike is closely associated with the environment and human health. Seeing the daily disasters happening in our country, such as fires, floods, pollution, we couldn't stand idly by. In collaboration with Green Energy Group, we have created this campaign to offer to our region and th...


Columbia Pier

nextbike by Tier Cyprus is pleased to announce the commencement of a collaboration with the well-known café & bar, Columbia Pier. We welcome Columbia Pier to the large family of nextbike by Tier Cyprus and are confident that this partnership will prove beneficial for both parties. Columbia Pier is a relaxed all-day café & bar located on the famous pier of Enaerios. It offers a laid-back, comfortable, and cozy concept with light music right above the waves of the Limassol beachfront.


Green Energy

Green energy and cycling can easily be combined. In this case, nextbike by Tier Cyprus and Green Energy are collaborating, joining forces to promote a greener future. Green Energy addresses the needs for reduced energy consumption in both residential and commercial/industrial settings, providing optimal energy-saving solutions for every household and business customer.



Winter, spring, summer, autumn. Throughout the year, you can enjoy your favorite beer. That's why we couldn't help but collaborate with probably the best beer in the world. Of course, Carlsberg 0.0 Take your rides with a nextbike by Tier Cyprus bicycle, and surely at the end of the journey, your favorite Carlsberg 0.0 beer will be waiting for you.



We are pleased to announce the extension of the collaboration between nextbike by Tier Cyprus and Garmin for a second year. This partnership provides a unique opportunity for both companies to join forces once again and offer their customers a one-of-a-kind experience. Now, with Garmin watches, you can monitor and track the intensity, calories, route, and time while enjoying your favorite bike ride with our bicycles. Garmin watches... See time differently...



nextbike by Tier Cyprus is pleased to announce the commencement of collaboration with Y. Skembedjis and Sons Ltd, aiming to further enhance our sense of responsibility towards our partners. With a focus on reliability and expertise since 1971, Y. Skembedjis and Sons Ltd has become a benchmark in supplying lifting vehicles and warehouse equipment in Cyprus and abroad. Y. Skembedjis and Sons Ltd offers a wide range of lifting equipment. The company is characterized by its emphasis on Safety - Qua...