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Reasons to Get on a Bike


There are a lot of ways cycling is good for the body and the soul.

Bicycling has all sorts of health benefits—physical and mental. It engages your legs, but it's easy on your joints, and it really does provide a sense of freedom. In case you still need convincing, here’s a list of reasons to hop on two wheels.

1. Get out there and take advantage of a nice day.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a warm morning, but riding a bike is one of the most active ways to spend your leisure time.

2. You’ll look forward to doing it.

We all have those exercises we dread working on. But even if you hop on your bike and take it seriously—pedaling furiously and feeling a deep burn in your quads—there’s a good chance you’ll still love it despite the difficulty since you’re rewarded with a quick, exhilarating ride. It can also energize you for other exercises you plan to do. Bike instead of driving to the gym to warm up and cool down from your workouts.

3. It’s a legitimate method of transportation.

If you’re headed to anything important, like work, biking is a completely green form of transportation and provides some great exercise to boot.

4. It’s an activity you’ll be able to do the rest of your life.

Even if you’re in amazing shape now, weightlifting and certain exercises aren't going to be so easy years down the line. One of the best things about bicycling is that you’ll be able to do it long after you have to say goodbye to the weight room.

5. Exploring and really getting to know the area around you better.

Most of us fail to fully explore the area around us. Even if you run outdoors regularly and mix up your route often, you’re not getting close to the range of travel and exploration you can experience through riding a bike. Even if you decide to bike in areas you usually drive by, you might be surprised by what you notice and appreciate being outside taking it all in.

6. For your sense of freedom and above all, for fun.

The moment a kid realizes s/he’s able to ride a bike is always a moment of elation and often a defining childhood moment. Biking may have been your means of freedom in those earlier years, but it might have also given way to the newfound independence of driving a car as a teenager. While driving can lose its novelty when you're sitting in traffic day in and day out, biking continues to be offer fun and freedom. Enjoy the outdoors like a kid again and hop on a bike.