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Millenials live ordinary human moments after all

Millennials are those born between 1980 and 2000. They are young people addicted to technology, almost all are University graduates, are wired to the internet and have their cell phone as a close friend. They travel with Ryanair and sleep in rooms booked through the Airbnb platform. Critics describe the Millennials as the “I” generation. They give importance to fame, do everything for their image, are content with ephemeral relationships, live in their own world, in the world of Facebook, Check-ins, Instagram and turn on the TV only for Survivor, Big brother and Top Model, ordering food through their mobile apps. They discuss, train, buy, protest and fall in love digitally, thus losing human moments.

S –Telios [sic. the Greek word “telios” translates to “perfect”] is a Millennial. He lives in Limassol and owns the coffee-shop


“Mprikki” , has a Facebook account, Instagram and yet enjoys life to the fullest. Especially during this period of the pandemic when "Mprikki" does not make coffees, S-Telios finds ways to remain active. He exercises, rides a nextbike daily, meets with friends, flirts in the traditional way, sets goals and prepares for the reopening of "Mprikki". It is proof that Millennials also live human moments.

S-Telios has an annual subscription with nextbike; chose one of the three subscriptions and live the moment. Because Millennials also live human moments after all..

20 euro monthly for 120 minutes per day, for as many months as you wish

10 euro monthly for 120 minutes per day, annual subscription

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