Renting a bike from Nextbike Cyprus is quick, easy and does not require a visit to our office or the need for you to carry cash with you. Once you have registered there are 3 easy ways for you to rent a bike


To rent a bike the first step is to register with your telephone number and credit card. You only need to do this once and you are then registered on the global Nextbike system meaning that you can rent a bike from any of our destinations globally. For any future rentals, the Nextbike system will identify you by your mobile phone number. With one customer account you can rent up to four bikes at the same time. Register in minutes by clicking here. Once you have registered you will receive a pin number which you can use to rent a bike.

Payment methods:

Credit card

Submit the details of your credit card information in the relevant registration field to activate your account immediately. You will be charged the amount of €10 for confirmation purposes which will be automatically credited to your account. Our partner Worldpay guarantees the safety of your transactions with Nextbike.


Complete and sign the necessary form to get the nextbike customer card which functions like a wallet to rent your bike here.

New Service Call & Go

Now top up your nextbike account with a call to 909-500-74!

Landline: € 12, 20 / per call

Mobile: € 12, 45 / per call

The amount of €13 will be credited to your nextbike account instantly!

You can top up your card at any branch of the Bank of Cyprus using the following account:


Nextbike Cy Ltd

Account Number: 357016837267

IBAN: CY61-0020-0195-0000-3570-1683-7267


Sign up here

How To Rent Your Bike

From The Terminal

There are 22 Nextbike rental stations in and around Limassol so you won’t be able to miss them! During the registration process you will create a pin number which will be confirmed by text to your mobile phone. At the terminal you will use your pin to choose the number of bikes you would like to rent and the system will provide you with a 4 digit unlock code for the bikes.

By Phone

Nextbike Cyprus has an easy automated telephone system for bike rentals. Simply call 777-88-323 and state the number of bikes you want to rent (remember you can have up to 4 on one account). You will then be provided with your unlock code for the bikes. Please make sure that the calling-number-transmission on your phone is activated


It is easy to rent a bike via SMS on your mobile phone, remember you need to be registered first. To rent a bike simply send an SMS with the bike numbers (you will see these at the terminal) to +357 99408094. If you rent several bikes, add a comma between the numbers. Once you have done this you will receive a confirmation message on your phone plus the codes to unlock the bikes. To return the bikes simply send an SMS with the number of the Nextbike station to +357 99408094. If you only want to return some of the bikes you rented then you will enter the bike number and then the station number for example to return bike numbers 12345 and 23456 to station 8000 you will text. "12345, 23456, 8000". The type of comma and space does not matter and you will receive a confirmation via SMS.

Rent by nextbike App

Find a nextbike, get on it and off you go: any time of the day, with your smartphone. All you need is the nextbike app, which will show you all available bikes and stations. To rent a bike, enter the bike number or scan the QR code. To return your nextbike, simply select the station or retrieve the location via GPS. Everything at a glance: manage your account, find the nearest bike station, give feedback or contact our customer service team directly.

From Our Office

If you would prefer to visit our office to arrange your bike rental then we would love to see you. Remember you will need to have your mobile phone with you to receive your confirmation code but our friendly staff will help you to register and get started. Our office is located on the corner of Athinon St. and Ellados St. in the old town of Limassol. Our address is Kitiou Kyprianou 77, Stoa Droussioti, Limassol, telephone 777-88-323.

Frequently asked questions