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We love reading articles like this one!


Especially the point about commuting by bike:

"Unlike walking or running, the bike is a pretty practical means of transportation. We all need to get somewhere every day, thus you also have the opportunity to workout everyday. Think about it this way, if you workout in the gym 3 times a week for 45 minutes that adds up to about 2.25 hours of cardio a week. But if you have a 30 minute pedal commute to work or school then that’s over an hour each day or 5-7 hours a week. That’s about 3 times the cardio than the average gym routine!

By the end of a few months you’ll have racked up more calorie burning time than most people achieve in a year. Plus you’ll still be going on a commute so you’ll save yourself from the extra time needed to workout as well as a lot of money on gas."

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