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Two of our most popular nextbike Stations are located in the Old Port and Molos! But what do we know about the history of these graphic locations and Limassol attractions ?

Here are some interesting facts!

The Molos Pier opened in 1881 and was used both for the transportation of goods as well as passengers!

After the creation of the Pier, ships from various countries started to call at the Pier.

The first Limassol shipping companies started operating with their own boats!

It was not long before wharves and warehouses were required to be built, particularly after new and larger ships started reaching Limassol. Accordingly, the construction of Molos started in 1912.

The Old Port of Limassol was constructed in the 1950’s as a supplement to the Famagusta port!

Most of the ships calling at the Limassol Old Port could not moor at its quays (unless it was smaller ships) and so the transfer of cargo and passengers between the coast and the ships was done by lighters.

The Limassol New Port was constructed in 1973 and the Limassol Old Port gradually decreased its activities and ceased to operate from 1979 onwards.*