nextbike Cyprus


KEAN proudly supports nextbike Cyprus ΚΕΑΝ promotes and live by a healthy living philosophy, while it actively strives to make a minimal negative impact on the global and local environment, community, society, and economy. The company supports initiatives that inspire an active lifestyle and healthy living and encourages everyone to enjoy the emission-free rides that nextbike Cyprus offers.



EkoNest is an ethical eco-product brand for shoppers who care about people and the planet. EkoNest develops and distributes a variety of environmentally friendly products for domestic and commercial use. The products are all made with ethically sourced materials, are alternatives to plastic and help to prevent waste. We conduct our business in an environmentally responsible, socially responsible and ethical manner, putting the environment at the core of everything we do to align with our core va...


Η ποδηλασία οδηγεί στην παραγωγή ορμονών ευτυχίας

Ποδηλατώντας έρχεσαι σε άμεση επαφή με εικόνες, ήχους, μυρωδιές θυμίζοντας σου την ανθρώπινη ύπαρξή σου. Επί της ευκαιρίας της παγκόσμιας ημέρας ποδηλάτου 3 Ιουνίου, η nextbike σου παρέχει την δυνατότητα με μια μοναδική προσφορά να θυμηθείς την ανθρώπινη ύπαρξή σου. Ανέβα στο ποδήλατο και ζήσε στιγμές.


The evolution of the bike

The bicycle has a long history and has ever since served many purposes… As a means of transportation, for racing, as a hobby and for leisure. With more and more motorized vehicles being used instead, Nextbike was founded in 2004 by two men in Germany with one aim – to get people out of cars! Nextbike has since become one of the leading producers and operators of bike sharing systems around the world, supporting cities, businesses and people by planning bike sharing systems that min...



HEALTH=HAPPINESS Самые важные вещи в нашей жизни - самые простые. Это возможность ходить, говорить, видеть, слышать. Быть здоровым - это самое большое счастье. Ваши пожертвования могут принести немного счастье детям-инвалидам Cyprus Society for the Protection of Spastic And Handicapped Children Спасибо, что делаете жизни детей чуть ярче и счастливее, жертвуя средства через сайт