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Four lights Bridge,Kkesougloudkia, to Neapoly firemans, Beauties of Popi's entertaining Night cycling :-)

●Get your Bike or rent a bike and come, Cycling night every Friday Night. 21:15pm 31KitiouKyprianou, Old Town, Limassol.

map is on the internet way

Join with us ..!! Night Cycling

Nextbike give us Free Bikes ;-)

Easy to get.. and go..!!! you need just a code card

● From Our ~ NEXTBIKE, Cyprus

★Ready Bikes for FREE, 1st Friday for new bikers & Full Friday's just 10euro per

month ..... that is cool guys, ....Full free bikes service. ok!!! .Nextbike-Stations are everywhere..!!

More details, Office, Athinon 1 old town at 09:00 -18:00pm.

phone number: +357 9787 3299.



●Now we have better choices, ....

don't forget.........

We would like to inform all of the participating friends of the Friday Night Bikers, Limassol, CY, -because you have asked for it-, from now on and every Friday there will be an opportunity for every rider for an active participation in the organization of the team, leading the group and creating a map.

Participants will declare participation from the previous Friday night riding. We will always be around you should you need any help. For more information feel free to contact us at +357 9919 7536, or INBOX us to our Facebook account or page - FridayNight BikeLimassol, CY.


●Notes: Volunteering always retains their surprises.

-We are not responsible for the release of any photographic material of any bike route.

-All of us, we have a responsibility to the team and to our people, group leaders simply lead us, share responsibility for how we will make a way for passing the group of cyclists, before we start.


●Rule: if you cannot pass a road, you take the bike to your hands. You can enter or leave the group at any point of the route you want, while you know the map, do not fight against drivers or cars or pedestrians, and always smile!!!

The next Friday will be with us. With our beautiful and rebellious night cyclists....!!!!! Waiting for you

from your FridayNight BikeLimassol, Cy. Cycling,around the world.!!




Photo-real, art-designer-writing S.event-organizing -March 2015: s.s.Timotheou. / @MagicArt MagicPages /


για το FridayNight BikeLimassol, Cy, που εσείς στηρίζεται, ♥

Start Point: Καρουζέλ Καφενείο

more info: +357 9919 7536