Information about the 2€ fee


Dear user,

you have returned the bike to the Pink Zone. There is a regular fee of 2€ per rental for returning bikes to the Pink zone. This fee apply to the first return. Please note that the fee of 2€ will apply automatically.

You can still avoid the fee: 
Go back to the bike and rent it again. Do not do this from afar, as the lock will open automatically. The new rental will merge with the old one and the Pink zone return fee will be cleared if you return the bike properly this time.

You can see the final charges for your rentals in your rental history in your app or in your customer account via the website login.

Merge of rentals

Successive rentals of the same bike are merged if this is the cheaper option for the user. This means that the final rental period is calculated from the start time of the first rental and the return time of the second rental. The break between the two rentals is then also added to the rental time.



Pricing for our return options to the Blue Zone

Pink Zone
2 €