nextbike Cyprus

The evolution of the bike


The bicycle has a long history and has ever since served many purposes… As a means of transportation, for racing, as a hobby and for leisure.

With more and more motorized vehicles being used instead, Nextbike was founded in 2004 by two men in Germany with one aim – to get people out of cars!

Nextbike has since become one of the leading producers and operators of bike sharing systems around the world, supporting cities, businesses and people by planning bike sharing systems that minimize traffic issues both economically and ecologically!

The nextbike creates a perfect combination of transportation (as per the initial purpose of the invention of the bicycle) and recreation purposes (as per later variations of the bicycle shown in history), resulting in a comfortable city bike that is accessible to everyone, friendly towards the environment, economical and fun!

So no matter the occasion, our easily accessible nextbikes are available to everyone 24/7 all around Limassol!