nextbike Cyprus

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Bicycle sharing systems, such as Nextbike, are a mobility innovation that has spread across the globe in the past decade. But who uses these bicycles? For what purposes? Where do you go, and at what times? Do you prefer to cycle on the bicycle lanes, or do you venture further into the city too? These questions and more lie at the heart of a research project by PhD student Suzanne Maas, who is studying sustainable mobility at the University of Malta, and is visiting Limassol for the coming weeks to learn more about the use of shared bicycles in this beautiful city.

Simply visit , select Limassol as your city, and fill in the survey to help her to get a better understanding of your use of Nextbike, your mobility and cycling habits, and which factors encourage or discourage you from cycling. Filling the survey takes only 10 minutes, and after completing the survey you will receive a voucher code for a FREE 120 minutes Nextbike ride!