nextbike Cyprus

Limassol 2012


Our story begins at a time when cycling was a long forgotten custom and bike lanes were practically non-existent!

Nextbike Cyprus launched its bike sharing system in Limassol in late 2011/ early 2012 with just 67 bikes. The scheme was so overwhelmingly accepted by the public that, together with the development of our city’s infrastructures, we saw our bike sharing system expanding throughout Limassol in a very short time span.

Our customer-oriented motto, friendly approach and 24/7 availability, helped the locals to start using our bikes for their leisure and eventually even for travelling for point-to-point distances. We have loyal local customers who still use our bikes from the day of our launch and we are very honored by this!

We came to realize that cycling – or the lack thereof, was not an issue of mentality, our city just needed the appropriate means to give the public the chance to be healthier and have more fun!